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Maya Sukumaran, Principal, Gitanjali Senior School, India

"We engaged Schoolmait to measure student wellness in Jan 2024. This exercise identified the physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing of our students both at overall school level as well as individual student level. The reports have helped us in planning the intervention programs aimed at improving student wellbeing. I personally feel that this should be a mandatory exercise for every school."

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Anne Morgensztern, Adjointe Pédagogique, Lycée ORT Daniel Mayer, France

"Schoolmait is an extremely easy-to-use tool for all stakeholders: teachers, parents, and students. Its main advantage: dealing with issues as close as possible to realities on the ground. The results are used in a clear and direct manner and make it possible to implement rapid remediation."

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"There's a robust evidence from studies in a wide range of countries across the world that shows a positive relationship between wellbeing and academic attainment." 

Dr Ariel LindorffDepartment Lecturer, Department of Education, University of Oxford

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